Because the Simpler Way involves far lower levels of monetary income and consumption of resources, at first sight people are strongly inclined to reject it.  What is not immediately apparent is the fact that there are great quality of life benefits in this way.  Consider for instance:

Living within a strong community; living close to many people who are friendly comrades, with whom you work and play and who will help you out if you have problems.

Having a lot of free time, because you would only have to work for money about2 days a week. Thus much time for arts, crafts, gardening, home-making, learning, personal development.

Living close to nature, in a green landscape, with wilderness, farms, forests close by.

Having excellent food, fresh, grown nearby, diverse, without preservatives, best taste and nutrition…

A relaxed pace.  We would have far less work to do than in consumer society.

Work that is varied (you can do many different things in a day if you wish), enjoyable, and worthwhile…you can see it benefiting your community. 

Work that is under your control.  Cooperative work conditions. Work that enables you to learn new things.

Being secure, from poverty, unemployment, isolation, adversity in old age, being secure from the threat of violence.

Having access to many skilled people, thus being able to learn many skills.

Being healthier, because of access to high quality food, clean air and water, more exercise in a more labour-intensive lifestyle, and especially because of less stress and insecurity.

Living in a leisure-rich landscape; having around you many animals, firms, farms, forests, commons, ponds, community facilities, artists, projects.

Having cheap, well designed, repairable, durable items, e.g., radios, appliances bikes

Being involved in self-government, i.e., in participatory democracy, whereby local meetings make the important decisions about local development. Being a good citizen.

Having a sense of pride in your admirable society; i.e., a society that cares for all, is civilized, friendly, does not allow anyone to be poor or unemployed, has high standards, does not waste, is cultured, makes good decisions, looks after its ecosystems… being pleased at being part of and contributing to a beautiful society.

A “spiritually” rich life; having meaning, purpose, hope, inspiring surroundings and friends, and a society that inspires.  Circumstances which ennoble and bring out the best in people.

Being respected for one’s contribution, no matter how humble.  Status according to capacity to enrich the community, not from wealth or power.

Many festivals, celebrations, rituals, ceremonies, focused on local folklore and events.

Having control over one’s fate, cooperating with others to control the fate of one’s community, because we run our locality.

Enjoying helping others, giving, contributing to working bees, being convivial. Enjoying cooperating, collective action, reinforcing solidarity, social cohesion and social wealth.

The satisfaction that comes from running a household economy well; growing, organizing, cooking, repairing, having thins in order.

Peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are not living in ways that create serious global problems.