Affluent, industrial consumer society is grossly unjust and unsustainable. It is only possible for one-fifth of the world’s people to have that way of life because they are taking and rapidly using up most of the world’s resources. We must move to far less affluent lifestyles, highly self-sufficient communities and local economies, more cooperative ways, and an economy that is not driven by market forces or profit and has no growth at all. Pigface Point is being developed as an educational site that will introduce people to these themes, especially the existence of workable and attractive alternatives, i.e., to "The Simpler Way".

Some themes, items, displays etc observable.

Pigface Point is not a community; Council zoning permits only two houses on the site. The main purpose of the site is not to provide an example of how all should live, but to have displays, models, etc which point towards the sorts of changes that will have to be made in our settlements, our economy and in our technologies in order for our society to become sustainable.

We are hoping to take on a part-time coordinator in the near future, and to set up a panel of voluntary tour leaders. Our longer term goal is to have cabins on the site enabling weekend "courses" enabling special groups to engage in more intensive experience of alternative ways, so that they can be more effective change agents in the wider community.

Pigface Point is part of the Global Eco-village Movement, which includes thousands of small communities around the world working to show that consumer society is not viable and that there are workable and attractive alternatives.

We do not charge for the tours or courses we conduct.


Ted Trainer, Phone 0407011149 (H) Email: tedtrainertsw@gmail.com